KICK START OF THE COURSE – Principles of Teaching

I am really excited to take courses to further enhance what I already know about Education, that is why when I found out about University of the Philippines’ Open University, I didn’t think twice and immediately inquired and enrolled for the course.

Its a great thing that through this course I get to know other individuals who really have passion in teaching and there are lots of them! It is nice to know too that I will be able to share my opinion, ideas, experiences and insights with others who are so eager to learn more like me through the open forums and e-journal entries. I feel truly blessed that even though I am far (I am in Dubai now) I could still get in touch with my teacher and my classmates and of course I could still fulfill one of my goals which is to obtain a Professional Teaching Certificate which will really help me apparently and in the future.

First week of taking the course is exciting but it kinda worried me at first thinking that allocating time for my studies will be as difficult since I am working and usually busy with other extra curricular activities, but out of my eagerness and dedication, here I am pursuing it…

The introductory forum this week truly provided me with so much information about Effective Teaching, Characteristics and Skills of an Effective Teacher, and the Roles of a Teacher. It made me examine myself as a Teacher and reflect on what I am currently doing to my class.  I asked myself of what are my characteristics that make an effective teacher and what are my strategies while I am teaching.  Are those effective or not? Am I an effective teacher? What are my other roles in school now? By doing this I was able to impart my knowledge in the forum based on my experiences. The forum also made me read my other classmates’ opinions and ideas and I realized that although we had different ways of discussing our thoughts, we still share some common ideas.

For me effective teaching is not just about calling ourselves a teacher but how you execute what you know and how you show passion and care for your students and doing your best to help them learn. Students actually spend most of their time in school with a teacher like me. We become their mother figure when they are in school, other than that we should also establish good relationship and communication with them. We are one of the most influential people in their lives. We teach them, we mold them and nurture them to become well educated, less ignorant and innocent and to become a better person. A teacher should possess what a real teacher should possess. A teacher should be effective at all times through the strategies ad approaches that she does.  A teacher is a learner, facilitator, instructor, planner, manager, moderator, an educator, a friend and a parent. We are to ensure that the quality of education that we are supposed to deliver is never lost and the encouragement we give to our students for them to persevere on their studies constantly remain.

I may still be missing some essentials on being an effective teacher at the moment and from this day on I would really work on becoming better by doing reflections all the time and continuously discover new findings and updates on Education through this course.



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