Reflection on Module 1

The first module really enlightened me about so many things. It made me reflect more on my teaching style, perspectives and strategies. I am currently teaching in a special needs school with diverse learners, with different learning styles and learning abilities and it is kinda challenging.  Proper planning and approach to teaching should really be done. I am a type of teacher who always wants my students to understand my lesson well, but of course being aware of their disabilities I do not expect as much from them. To see that they understand my lesson somehow and they can work on independently on any classwork would mean a great achievement for me and for them. The result of the Teaching Style Inventory really matches my teaching style at the moment. I teach my students in way of demonstration and modelling because I believe that in this way they would easily grasp the concept I am trying to teach them. I typically design group activities which necessitate active learning, student-to-student collaboration and problem solving. I often try to design learning situations and activities that require student processing and application of course content in creative and original ways.

In my class, students’ behavior could also be very challenging knowing that I am with students having learning disabilities. I follow Individual Learning program for students’ learning abilities are of different levels. Thus, it is true when we say that good teaching is not a one-size-fit all process. I am continuously trying to find a way to be as effective as I can be for my class as a teacher and the module this week  is really of big help to me.


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