Creativity as defined means inventiveness, being imaginative and being able to use original ideas to create something else while innovativeness means cleverness or having the skill to create new things. Both are essential to Effective teaching. Teachers should be creative and innovative when planning and making instructions. We are in control of the class and therefore, we need to think of new ideas and things to help promote learning of diverse learners. Teachers also need to think deeply and concentrate on the targeted goals so as to creatively design the plan for the class. Creative Teaching is teaching that warrants pride, acceptance and commendation. Beyond being just novel, creative teaching is valuable and goes beyond being just a traditional or conventional teacher. The value  needs to be asked, and so is its nature. We should also ask whose interests does it serve. In other words creative teaching  is an innovative effort that results in student learning that is equal to or greater than what standard methods achieve.

I can say that through the course of my career in teaching I have learned and developed creativity. I have taken so much risks and tried to convince the superiors to approve my ideas and accept the changes that I so long desired. It may require much effort to create new things or ideas but it is truly fulfilling if the goal is achieved and met.  Being creative for me means you are open to other suggestions or ideas as well and determined to pursue it no matter what it takes. You should be so sure of what you want to happen and motivated to continue if challenges are encountered. Being creative is also about motivation, personality and knowledge. It is also like experimenting and trying to do a trial and error as you test what works best and helps you best to be effective.

This module is very timely since I just had a meeting with my principal who is suggesting a revision and redesigning of our curriculum for the class that I am currently handling. This lesson truly encourages me to carry on and do more research, studies and evaluation as to which will be best applicable to my students with special needs. I am pretty much convinced that this time I really need to be creative and innovative as it will really challenge me to create new ideas and inputs. I have the personality, motivation, knowledge of what I am supposed to do, and most of all support from my environment so I believe that I can make a difference.

As a person gain experience, he enhances his knowledge on how to handle things in his work. Eventually new things will be discovered along the way, new techniques for creativity will be learned and innovativeness will develop. Sometimes people are afraid to get out of their comfort zone and try new things. They are afraid of the consequences or possible failures. But without trying we will not be able to discover new things that could work best for us. Without facing changes, we will not know of the things that are better for us we will always be stuck in the old ways and traditional practices. For someone who dreams and aspire to be the best in his craft, he should be willing and determined to move forward and face every new things in life and explore it to the fullest. Creativity in teaching is a continuous effort and exploration. It also requires confidence and motivation. If a teacher is stuck in traditional and conventional ways then there is a tendency for her to get bored so as the students, which could also affect the learning  outcome.

Many times I have tested myself of my own creative skills. There are times that you need to change your plan in the class for a certain or unexpected circumstance and right there and then, you should be able to come up with new ideas so you could keep the lesson going. If creativity is innate in you then i believe that you could also make use of it instantly. Teaching in accordance to different learning styles also requires creativity. Teaching students in different levels like me also needs creativity. It would take much time and effort but its rewarding if you happen to see the outcome. ..I am constantly working out on my creative teaching though for I believe that this will help me meet a higher level of teaching style and effectiveness.


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