In my school, we always have a regular meeting about lesson planning and the different strategies to be used for our class. Our principal always expects us to give feedback and reflect on the lesson after each class has been delivered and performed. I know that teacher reflection and metacognition is very important because through this you can make proper planning and choose the appropriate strategies to use for your students.

The appeal of the use of reflective practice for teachers is that as teaching and learning are complex, and there is not one right approach, reflecting on different versions of teaching, and reshaping past and current experiences will lead to improvement in teaching practices. Schön’s reflection-in-action assists teachers in making the professional knowledge that they will gain from their experience in the classroom an explicit part of their decision-making.  Metacognition refers to higher order thinking which involves active control over the cognitive processes engaged in learning. Activities such as planning how to approach a given learning task, monitoring comprehension, and evaluating progress toward the completion of a task are metacognitive in nature. Because metacognition plays a critical role in successful learning, it is important to study metacognitive activity and development to determine how students can be taught to better apply their cognitive resources through metacognitive control.

This module for me is very advantageous and helpful since it gives me an insight of how to properly reflect and perform metacognition. Everyday I always assess myself on how I perform as a teacher and ask myself the following questions: have I been an effective teacher for the day? or did I meet my students need or did I deliver the lesson properly? I am confident enough teaching my students, but sometimes when I see that they struggle I try to question myself and my strategies. I can say that I know myself very well and I know that I am doing my best to give my best performance as a    teacher. I believe that seeing how your students progress and develop is a reflection of how effective you are as a teacher.

Last week, my principal visited my Numeracy class and did his assessment for me. He stayed in my class for at least an hour.  It has been quite a pressure for me, but I just thought that its better if  I will just be as natural and do like the way I teach and deliver my lessons everyday. In that way, my principal could assess me properly and give me the right feedback.  He has not called me yet for post conference but I am looking forward to hearing from him. It is kind of exciting to know his comments and recommendations. I am sure that I will accept  his comments as constructive criticism and try to defend myself if there is any need to do it. When he went out of the class room he told me that I did very well in my class and that he enjoyed being with us. That very word really uplifted me and encouraged me to maintain my teaching strategies at the moment. Somehow, his comment has been some sort of confirmation that I am doing quite well in handling my class.

In my belief, feedback and comments from our colleagues or superior is helpful for our self reflection. It will push you to do self-assessment and analysis well enough. I also believe in the concept of Johari Window. I have actually always believed that ever since I was taking my “group dynamics” course in college. I believe that there are things about ourselves that we know that others do not know and sometimes we just keep it to ourselves and even hinder ourselves to show it because we are thinking that it might have positive or negative effect on us. There are also things that we do not know about ourselves that other people see in us and sometimes we need their confirmation to know that we are really like that. I am always keen to know and discover myself well. I want to explore my skills and know what else are the things that I can do and what talents do I have left. Discovering them is challenging but there is actually no harm in trying.

Accepting comments and feedback from other people is okay but living to meet their expectations all the time and losing our own identity is dangerous. Self reflection should be balance between other’s feedback and your own personal reflection. For me reflection should be constantly done when teaching. When you know yourself enough, you also know the things that you can do and your limitations. The teachers’ self-concept has a direct effect on how she is teaching and handling the class…I can also say that your self concept is projected and reflected by the way you teach.



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